Five Lessons We Learned at

Wine Industry Conferences this Year


A couple months ago (it seems like two years!), we exhibited at the Oregon Wine Symposium and the Washington Winegrowers Convention and learned some great things that we are incorporating in our wineries skill set.


Here are five lessons we learned:


1. Waste (process) water handling is a HOT topic, and is becoming more relevant daily as wineries struggle with climate change and increasing regulations.


Waste water is now fully controlled in California. It’s becoming more controlled in Washington. And it will be fully controlled in Oregon soon. If you’re looking for winery-specific solutions, they come in a wide range, from low tech to extremely high tech. Here are just two:


  • Organix, Inc., in conjunction with BioFiltro, has a biological system that uses worms to break down wastewater. They are able to remotely monitor the break down, using data from heat produced by the process, etc. /
  • Aries Tek has a technological solution using reverse osmosis “straws” to absorb clean water and leave sludge behind.


2. Birds in vineyards are a continuing problem, with both low- and high-tech solutions.


Birds do more damage to vineyards than just eating the grapes (which they do). They also poke at individual grapes, to sip the juice, which not only damages the grape, but could also introduce bacteria to the whole cluster or vine! Their presence also invites predators that do additional damage.



3. Seismically Reinforcing Wine Storage is increasingly recognized as being important.


With the “Big One” potentially around the corner, being prepared in case of an earthquake is something all wineries should be thinking about.



4. Cornhole is HOT!


What game can you play with a wine glass in one hand? The low-tech bean-bag-based game cornhole is rapidly becoming a favorite activity for winery guests, especially among the millennial set. Wineries EVERYWHERE are asking for “cornhole courts” in their designs. Some are even using cornhole boards as wall art.


5. Winery guests want to see production


Winery visitors want to see the wine being produced! There are all kinds of wonderful ways to make production beautifully and safely visible from tasting rooms and on tours as well as by choosing visually beautiful equipment.



Talk with us about employing any of these solutions in your winery design. Click here for contact information.



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