Completed for the 2018 harvest, this production facility allows the winemaker to increase production by more than three-fold. The eastern windows open to a landscaped courtyard and tasting room, giving natural light and views to winery staff. The high-performance insulated metal panels and well placed landscaping, keep the barrel rooms a consistent cool temperature.


Deep trusses eliminated intermediate structure within the production space and allow for tank placement flexibility and the movement of equipment. Natural ventilation in the production space and the south-facing roof is structured for future PV solar array.


Location: West Salem, Oregon

Size: Hospitality 5,440 SF, Winery 13,335 SF

Production: 20,000 cases

Project Team: Richard Brown AIA, Jason Didion, Hope Telford,

                     Narges Shams, and Rhiannon Reynolds

Contractor: Andrew Scott Construction

Photographer: Josh Partee Photography

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