Our process begins with our clients. One constant for us is that we strive to fully understand our clients’ goals. We actively listen, taking in what is said and not said, about their hopes and dreams, and what they see for their future. We take this information and reflect back them in our own words to confirm that we heard them correctly. With this in mind, we then begin aligning their goals with what is achievable, given the constraints of their site, budget, local codes, etc.


Our design process begins using hand drawings, as they are a quick and efficient way to explore multiple ideas and determine what does and does not work. We review these loose sketches with our clients to begin to determine a design direction. Concurrently, we study precedent images, using them as a gauge for where a client’s sensibilities may lay. At this point, we may continue with hand drawing, or we may bring the project into the computer. Depending on the project, we will work with a mix of 2-dimensional drawings and 3-d computer modeling. No matter how we get there, because design is an iterative process, we draw, we reflect, we discuss, we draw, we reflect…, etc. It is seldom a linear process, and sometimes it isn’t even a smooth (or pretty) process, but by following the process around and around, we can hopefully get more clarity from each iteration and create something wonderful.


With the design intent in place, we continue refining the plans, sections, elevations and the selection of materials to bring the project closer to reality. We’ll begin coordinating with our consultants. If applicable, these may include structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers or lighting & acoustical consultants. We continue meeting with our clients, to ensure that we remain aligned throughout the project. We coordinate with the contractor on costs and details, and with public agencies to minimize surprises. As our clients’ representative, we are involved during the entire project through to completion of construction to ensure that the finished product matches the original goals.


We are happy to help clients in other ways, too. Please let us know what we can do for you!


Hand drawn process sketches

3-D Modeling

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