The sloping site for this modest, two-bedroom house provides views through an oak savanna to Oregon’s Yamhill Valley and the Coastal Mountain Range. Our clients asked for a simple, modern, comfortable house that took advantage of both close and distant views. Its long bar-shaped plan allows for views from each space, maximum day-lighting, and natural ventilation. Centered in the bar is the great room, which includes the living, dining, and kitchen spaces. To one side is a large deck and a terrace off the other. The material palette is simple: beams, windows, doors, and cabinets are all Douglas Fir, and the floors are all either hardwood or slate.

Location: Yamhill, Oregon

Project Team: Richard Brown AIA, Geoffrey Harker,

     Hope Telford,  and Jason Didion

Contractor: Modern Organic Construction

Photographer: Josh Partee Photography







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