This 800 square foot Accessory Dwelling Unit steps down a lush site in the Portland Hills. The street facing balcony features a sculptural bronze and concrete trough spilling water into a deep basin. The split-level entry divides upper-level living and lower level sleeping areas. Generous south facing decks, visually expand the building's area and connect to a canopy of trees. The mid-century modern details and materials of the main house are continued into the addition. Inside a ribbon of white-washed oak flows from the entry foyer to the lower level, wrapping the stairs and walls with its warmth. Upstairs the wood's texture is seen in stark relief to the polished concrete floors and the crisp white walls of the vaulted space. Downstairs the wood, coupled with the muted tones of moss green walls, lend the sleeping area a tranquil feel.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Project Team: Richard Brown AIA and Jennifer Wright AIA

Landscape Architect: Samuel Williamson LA

Contractor: Ricardo Lovett General Contracting

Photographer: David Papazian Photography

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